13 Questions To Ask Before You Retire

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Retirement Planning

There are a number of important questions a retirement planning advisor may ask to determine a retirement plan and establish the needed investments for retirement income. A retirement planner can assist you with either the decision to retire or to assist you in planning your life after retirement. 13 important questions a retirement advisor should address are:

  1. Do you want to assist your children or grandchildren with the cost associated with education and/or weddings?
  2. Do you want to purchase and own a vacation property?
  3. Are you going to sell your home? Will you be downsizing to help finance your retirement?
  4. Will you start a new hobby or further pursue an existing hobby?
  5. Will you be a volunteer or work with an organization?
  6. Will you work part-time or full-time?
  7. Will you further your education or go back to school?
  8. Will you be a single or double vehicle family?
  9. Are you planning on traveling? And how much do you plan on doing?
  10. Will you start or pursue a second career?
  11. Have you began or completed a brochure sheet?
  12. Have you done a net worth statement and financial planning?
  13. Have you done a projected monthly budget during retirement?

Retirement needs answers, the more planned and prepared you are the more you enjoy, and the less stress you will have during your retirement.

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