If Your Are Retired And Require Coverage

Health & Dental Coverage

We can find a flexible health & dental coverage plan
that matches your retirement needs and budget.
Dental Assistant

Health & Dental Coverage

Health and Dental insurance is something that is better to have and not need than to need and not have. We proudly offer flexible Health and Dental plans designed for retired individuals to ensure coverage during their retirement. We offer coverage that allows the policy owner to chose the options they need.

Replacement Coverage

We offer replacement coverage plans that provide a variety of options. Our replacement coverage accommodates your health and coverage needs during your retirement. Replacement coverage can replace your existing health insurance offered through employment to ensure you get the benefits you need when you need them.

Personal Coverage

Personal health coverage provides insurance and protection for an individual. If you are retired and looking for health and dental benefits to ensure your well-being contact Puhl Employee Benefits. Every retired individual should maintain a policy that provides them with their needed benefits.
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